IASLC-WCLC 2021 - IASLC World Conference on Lung Cancer (Virtual Meeting)

Sep 08 - Sep 14, 2021 | DenverCOUS

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PL02A.03 - [VIRTUAL] Lurbinectedin/Doxorubicin versus CAV or Topotecan in Relapsed SCLC Patients: Phase III Randomized ATLANTIS Trial

  • Plenary, Symposia
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PL02A.05 - [VIRTUAL] IMpower010: Characterization of Stage IB - IIIA NSCLC Patients by Type and Extent of Therapy Prior to Adjuvant Atezolizumab

  • Plenary, Symposia
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ES13.04 - [VIRTUAL] What Evidence Level is Enough for Approval and Reimbursement of Novel Cancer Drugs? Lessons from Lung Cancer

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